After years of research and testing, we can proudly present our home harmoniser the OHRB 2.0.

ORHB stands for Optimal Harmoniser for Restoring Balance, or in good Dutch the Optimum Restoration of the Balance of your Property.

The OHRB shines through its simplicity. By using organic materials we have been able to create a primal energy in your home with the OHRB. When the OHRB is connected to a grounded wall socket, a sensible change will immediately occur. Many people experience a feeling of space and light. Depending on the degree of disturbance, it will take a few minutes to a few hours before the house is in balance.

The residents of a home balanced with an OHRB generally come to sleep more easily. And wake up well rested. This is due to a perfect Yin Yang ratio (the ratio of male and female or positive and negative energy).

Most detonation products are based on the removal of negative or even the addition of positive energy, the OHRB ensures a perfect balance of the positive and the negative energy.